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Touring New Zealand's North Island by Campervan

Rafting the Wairoa with Wet 'n' Wild was an incredible experience, as much for the spectacular beauty as for the world-class whitewater. Not having a camera at the put-in location at the foot of McLaren Falls (a Class 6) made me a little nuts - it was a slot canyon drenched in rain and full of very colourful rafts, kayaks and people. The river can only be run for a few hours on 26 days each year when water is released from a power dam. The river is very different from others Iíve run, in that you have relatively calm pools below each set of rapids or waterfall. Thise photo was shot by James of Adrenalin Shotz - a CD of 40 high-quality photos was $60NZ, pricey but a must-have (Iím in the front of the raft on the left, our guide Dan on the right).

This photograph is © 2008-2013 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Rafting the Wairoa River