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Touring New Zealand's North Island by Campervan

Leaving Rotorua, I went back into crazy mode with the folks from Wet & Wild, this time running the Class 5 Kaituna River with its 7-meter-high Tutea Falls, the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall. This photo shows us in mid-drop - although I have the photos (by Adrenalin Shotz again, but I got a large discount for my 2nd purchase), I’ll leave it your imagination to see what the raft looked like a second later at the bottom, upside-down. With the crystal-clear water at about 20°C, going swimming is part of the fun, though - even if “the ‘Tuna” does have lots of big eels in it (Kaituna means "eel food")!

Behind and around the waterfall are caves that were used to hide women and children during Maori wars (they're now home to millions of glow worms), and when Chief Tutea died his body was placed at the bottom of the falls.

This photograph is © 2008-2013 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Rafting the Kaituna River