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Touring New Zealand's North Island by Campervan

We had been excited about this day as one of the highlights of the trip - going out on a boat so we could swim with dolphins! It turned out to be the most disappointing day of the trip, with nothing except a couple of brief and distant views of dolphins. We went with Kings Dolphin Cruises and Eco Tour, on a 6-hour tour with guaranteed viewing. Talking to a local woman on the Russell dock, though, I said that it looked like a good day to go swimming with dolpins - her response was "If you believe that you've been conned like the rest of them." Even the beach where we made a lengthy stop was very poor - certainly the worst beach we sat on during the whole month. Oh well, seeing the Hole in the Rock, the Cape Brett Lighthouse and a huge school of blue mau mau near the surface made it an okay day.

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Dolphins near Russell