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Touring New Zealand's North Island by Campervan

It was +5įC, raining and dark in Vancouver - yes, I remember the Vancouver winters that I hated. At 8:35 pm, we boarded this new Boeing 777-200ER (Extended Range) for the 14.5-hour flight to Auckland. It was quite a shock to walk into this huge plane - the flight was nearly full, so there were almost 320 people, seated 3/3/3 across. The seating is quite tight - maybe thatís the case on every plane now.

We got lucky and hit a good jetstream that cut an hour and a half off the flight, so we arrived just after 5:00 am. The entertainment system on the plane was excellent - it totally blows away any other that Iíve experienced on a plane. The cabin staff was great, the full meals very good (lamb curry for dinner, a mushroom omelette for breakfast). We both slept better than we had expected.

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